Reasons to come

Marathi Houses are located on one of the islands of the Polynesia of Arki, known as Marathi island, nearby Patmos. The sandy beach, the spacious houses the superb cuisine the view and the tranquility are only some of the characteristics you come across once you arrive at Marathi-Houses.

Why you should definitely come to our houses in Marathi?

1 .All residences are fully equipped – furnished and have private terraces.
2. Unbelievable view. The group of three tourist residences located within the traditional settlement on the island Marathi Marathi on a plot adjoining beach overlooking the archipelago of Arki.
3. Absolute Calm-Relaxation .The visitors come for the calm isolation, peace and of course the primitive beauty of nature
4. Amazing Hospitality.It is an ideal destination for those who want their holidays to experience the serenity of nature, beautiful clear water for swimming, sandy beach for sunbathing, secluded areas for reading in conjunction with good food in a very welcoming place.

Ideal for couples, families and groups who want the isolated and pure places to practice methods of concentration, meditation, yoga for authors who wish such places to be inspired to write.